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Start the Clap: A Word on Leadership

By: Chelsea Walls | Harvest Ministries Have you ever been sitting in a room with a ton of people, maybe a concert or church, and something great sticks out to you. That excitement builds & you just have to show your support, but no one else is at that moment....

Seasons of Waiting

By: Chelsea Walls | Harvest Ministries Every year, Florida really tries to be such a difficult child when autumn arrives. It groans about shifting into the new season, dragging it’s feet the whole way. Eventually our lovely state will finally start dropping those...

Sometimes I am the High Thing

As a resource & encouragement for you, we'd like to share excerpts and writings from our talented & passionate leaders of Femfire. The writing below is from a past blog post by SNM Youth Pastor Danielle Craig. I shared something a few Sundays ago that was more...


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